How does the VIA "Connect on Demand" work?

By esupport posted Mar 29, 2017 03:01 PM


How does the VIA "Connect on Demand" work? 


"Connect on Demand" is a feature on VIA app for IOS devices that allows the app to setup VPN when accessing the corporate networks. 

Below is how connect-on-demand works: 

  1. On the controller set for example, "" as the DNS suffix in the connection profile. 
  2. On the iOS client, download the above profile (Make sure you are not in intranet network, so that internal IPs are not accessible)
  3. Disconnect VIA (If it is already connected) and enable “Connect-on-demand” from settings->VPN tab. 
  4. Launch any server/resource in "" domain. For example, launch “” in the iOS device.
  5. VIA triggers on-demand and connects.