Console access to AP via backup ESSID

By esupport posted Feb 15, 2019 05:02 PM


Console Access via Backup ESSID is an AOS feature that can help users access AP, when AP disconnect to controller.

In customer deployment, when the customer has deployed the APs, it’s difficult to access the AP via physical console. Providing a wireless console access to these APs will be great helpful for in-field trouble-shooting, especially when the AP is disconnect to controller.



Supported Platforms:

  • Controller Model: Controller6xx,Controller70xx,Controller72xx,ControllerMMC
  • AP Model(s): AP6x, AP9x, AP1xx, AP2xx205
  • Permitted AP operation mode : CAP/RAP/mesh point/mesh portal




webUI Configuration:

You can change the Backup ESSID in AP system profile. So the profile includes the Backup ESSID password and RF Band for the Backup ESSID and the Operation for Backup ESSID.

AP system profile -> advance page


CLI Configuration:

(AP system profile "default") #bkup-password 1234567890
(AP system profile "default") #bkup-band [all/a/g]
(AP system profile "default") #bkup-mode[dynamic/static/off]


After the user connects backup ssid and telnet to the AP console, it can change all the boot environment parameters using the command. Below is the command description and the information.


Non-privilege mode commands — Bootenv and reboot command Application Environment: After user connect backup ssid and telnet to AP console, it can change all bootenv parameter for AP.


Command description: In non-privilege mode:

  • bootenv -p name=value -----bootenv added
  • bootenv -p name= -----bootenv deleted
  • bootenv -j -----displayed all bootenv parameter
  • bootenv -s ------bootenv reseted to factory
  • reboot ------AP reboot

CLI Output:


~ # bootenv –j   --- check all bootenv parameter
~ # bootenv –p master= --- change master address
~ # bootenv –p master=  --- delete master address
~ # bootenv –s  --- factory reset
~ # reboot  --- reboot ap


How to access AP console?

Currently, we support only, Telnet, TFTP and OFT. SSH is supported only in FIPS version


Telnet access:

  • User can access the ap using telnet (port 23) through ap's ip address or dns (dns name: bkconsole). Telnet data through the vap can only be permitted for security.
  • If telnet service is enabled in ap system profile, we will not change it, if it is disabled in ap system profile, we will enable the service when backup vap is up and close the service when the backup vap is down. 

TFTP Access:

  • User can use tftp client in the ap to send file to tftp server (tftp server can be built on the PC which has associated with the VAP, AP provides tftp client program).