how to identify bad harddrive used in Airwave or Clearpass HW appliances

By esupport posted Mar 10, 2016 03:30 AM


How to identify the bad hard drive or malfiunctioning hard drive used in Airwave or Clearpass HW appliances?



Drive Carrier Status LEDs

•The LED on the physical disk carrier indicates the state of each physical disk.

•Each drive carrier in your enclosure has two LEDs: an activity LED (green) and a status LED (bicolor, green/amber) as shown in below. The activity LED flashes whenever the drive is accessed.


LED status  Description
•Off  Slot is empty, drive is not yet discovered by the system.
•Steady green  Drive is online.
•Green flashing (250 milliseconds [ms]) Drive is being identified or is being prepared for removal.
•Green flashing (On 400 ms, Off 100 ms) Drive is rebuilding or undergoing a Replace Member operation.
•Amber flashing (125 ms) Drive has failed.
•Green/amber flashing (Green On 500 ms / Amber On 500 ms, Off 1000 ms) Predicted failure reported by drive.
•Green flashing (Green On 3000 ms, Off 3000 ms, Amber On 3000 ms, Off 3000 ms) Drive being spun down by user request or other non-failure condition.