ClearPass Error Codes

By esupport posted Mar 07, 2016 06:04 PM


ClearPass Error Codes




0 Success
101 Failed to perform service classification
102 Failed to perform policy evaluation
103 Failed to perform posture notification
104 Failed to query authstatus
105 Internal error in performing authentication
106 Internal error in RADIUS server
201 User not found
202 Password mismatch
203 Failed to contact AuthSource
204 Failed to classify request to service
205 AuthSource not configured for service
206 Access denied by policy
207 Failed to get client macAddress to perform webauth
208 No response from home server
209 No password in request
210 Unknown CA in client certificate
211 Client certificate not valid
212 Client certificate has expired
213 Certificate comparison failed
214 No certificate in authentication source
215 TLS session error
216 User authentication failed
217 Search failed due to insufficient permissions
218 Authentication source timed out
219 Bad search filter
220 Search failed
221 Authentication source error
222 Password change error
223 Username not available in request
224 CallingStationID not available in request
225 User account disabled
226 User account expired or not active yet
227 User account needs approval
228 User account has exceeded bandwidth limit
229 User account has exceeded session duration limit
230 User account has exceeded session count limit
6001 Unsupported Tacacs parameter in request
6002 Invalid sequence number
6003 Sequence number overflow
6101 Not enough inputs to perform authentication
6102 Authentication privilege level mismatch
6103 No enforcement profiles matched to perform authentication
6201 Authorization failed as session is not authenticated
6202 Authorization privilege level mismatch
6203 Command not allowed
6204 No enforcement profiles matched to perform command authorization
6301 New password entered does not match
6302 Empty password
6303 Change password allowed only for local users
6304 Internal error in performing change password
9001 Wrong shared secret
9002 Request timed out
9003 Phase2 PAC failure
9004 Client rejected after PAC provisioning
9005 Client does not support posture request
9006 Received error TLV from client
9007 Received failure TLV from client
9008 Phase2 PAC not found
9009 Unknown Phase2 PAC
9010 Invalid Phase2 PAC
9011 PAC verification failed
9012 PAC binding failed
9013 Session resumption failed
9014 Cached session data error
9015 Client does not support configured EAP methods
9016 Client did not send cryptobinding
9017 Could not contact the OCSP server
9018 RADIUS protocol error
9019 Client sent conflicting identities
5001 Internal Error
5002 Invalid MAC Address
5003 Invalid request received
5004 Insufficient parameters received
5005 Query - No MAC address record found
5006 Query - No supported actions
5007 Query - Cannot fetch MAC address details
5008 Request - MAC address not online
5009 Request - No MAC address record found


Jan 20, 2017 12:49 PM

You should open a TAC case.

Jan 20, 2017 11:53 AM

How do I fix the issue with  source monitor error, battery sync unstable, which resulted in  DB replication been unstable and System monitor restarted cpass-ntp, as it seemed to have stopped abruptly. there isn't any error code attached to it. Am getting this message from Aruba ClearPass Policy Manage GUI event log.