HPE Aruba VSF setup DEMO

By Greg_Weaver posted Oct 16, 2019 09:43 AM


OP: @mrtwentytwo 


Aruba has two types of stacking on the switches above the 2530/2540:
Fabric stacking (2920,2930M,3800,3810M)
Virtual Fabric Stacking VSF (2930F,5400R)
VSF is simular to IRF on the Comware switches.
Below is a short instruction to setup VSF. The speed needed as a VSF link is different per switch, lookup the minimal speed needed in the switch manual.


(config)# vsf member 1 link 1 1
(config)# vsf enable domain 1

<switch1 will reboot>

Made sure the switch has no configuration (has the factory-default config),
connect a port on the second switch to the VSF port on the first switch.
The second switch should enable VSF and add the connected port to the VSF link automatically.
<switch2 will reboot>
When both switches are up and running you can enable an extra VSF port for redundancy.

(config)# vsf member 1 link 1 1/2
(config)# vsf member 2 link 1 2/2


Demo video :


(view in My Videos)