What is APP RF or Firewall under dashboard on the Mobility controller

By ssasi posted Jul 10, 2014 08:51 PM


Introduction  :  

AppRF is a new PEF feature on the ArubaOS controllers. It is designed to give network administrators insight into the applications that are running on their network, and who is using them.

Aruba has extended the network intelligence offered by our unique, market leading firewall to include powerful heuristics and visualization techniques.  Together, these give customers a real time and historical (with airwave) view of who is using what applications, and when.  

AppRF will be officially supported in the 6.3 release.

It will also include support for detection of several more web-based applications, and enhancements in the accuracy of our peer-to-peer detection technology.

Perhaps the greatest improvement in 6.3 will be the inclusion of data from our new Lync ALG.  With this new ALG, we will have visibility into the different types of traffic inside a Lync session.  You can see desktop sharing, file transfer, IM, and voice/video calls in the dashboard and the drilldown pages.  Here's an example of the drilldown page

AppRF collects data from the network activity of authenticated users and uses this data to build pie charts and lists of the top applications, destinations, WLANs, users, and device types. These results are based on the volume of traffic in each of these categories.





The dashboard will be visible on any 3K, M3, or 7200 series controller. It will not work on 600 series controllers.



Configuration Steps :  


  In the GUI, there is a new dashboard item called “Firewall”. If you click this, you'll be brought to the AppRF main page. If you haven't enabled the feature yet, you'll see a link to enable it. Simply click the link. Don't forget to save your configuration.

From the CLI, you can use the command “firewall-visibility” to turn it on and “no firewall-visibility” to turn it off.