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By ozerdo posted Nov 11, 2011 07:55 PM



Does anyone know how to remotely remove Wireless Profiles residing on XP's Wireless Network Connections?

Our teachers and Administrators are spreading this Adhoc wireless worm through out the school system and I'm trying to figure out how to remove it via a login script or group policy.

There is a bug in XP that allows an adhoc wireless network configuration to migrate to a PC if it connects to one that is broadcasting. I've told my people time and time again not to connect to wireless networks they don't know but they do anyway.

I have a profile that "Access Point (infrastructure) networks only" set but the users have local rights, which I cannot revoke, that can change this.

I know that Vista and Server 2008 you can use "NETSH" command but XP doesn't support that feature.


You can run the Aruba WiFi Config Tool off the network to delete the SSID off each domain machine. So in your AD login profile script add:

\\\ArubaWifiCfg_XP.exe -delete /SSID:'Free Public WiFi'

We use it to both delete and add SSIDs from batch files:

@echo off
\\\ArubaWifiCfg_XP.exe -delete /SSID:WPA
\\\ArubaWifiCfg_XP.exe -add /SSID:Wireless /Authentication:WPA2 /Encryption:AES /EAPType: PEAP /KeyProvidedAutomatically:TRUE /IEEE8021xEnabled:TRUE /InnerAuthentication:MSCHAPv2 /EnableFastReconnect:TRUE /UseWindowsLogonInfo:FALSE /ValidateServerCert:TRUE
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Feb 18, 2019 01:02 PM

I was hell lot of struggled to disable the wireless profiles on my Samsung Laptop which is on Latest Windows 10 Build but this guid really helped me fix it within 2 minutes though its little confusing.


Thank you so much.

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