How can we modify the Onboard Provisioning page on 6.5 version of CPPM

By esupport posted Sep 28, 2015 04:18 PM


On CPPM versions earlier to 6.5 there was an option to customize the Provisioning page which would be presented to devices running different OS. However in 6.5 version, the option is not there.


Prior to 6.5 : 

 We has options to modify the pages for each device time.




The Page had changed on 6.5 version. We however have the functionality to customize the page.


Below is how the provisioning page looks like on 6.5 CPPM.



To customize the messages/text, we can navigate to the "Instruction & Messages" section on the above page and use Custom message instead of default.



Similarly, we can make OS specific changes towards the bottom of the page.


NOTE: Please do not remove the {onboard_device_message} and {onboard_device_link} links from the Provisioning device message. These links are responsible generate the message and onboard provisioning URL.