Custom_variables post 8.2.8 AMP version

By esupport posted Jun 05, 2020 06:40 PM



What happens to custom_variables and its values post upgrading the AMP to 8.2.8 version



Post 8.2.8 AMP versions, there will no longer be a custom_variable functions in the template or the Manage page.

This has been changed to dynamic variables.

Before the custom _variables were limited to 13 and now there is no such limitations.


So if customer had IAPs with custom_variable set in  older version of the AMP, and when they upgrade the AMP to 8.2.8 or post 8.2.8 version, the custom_variable and its value does not get wiped out but will be seen under the dynamic variable as seen below:



The custom_variable if defined in the  template will remain as custom_variable when upgraded to 8.2.8. 

Newer variables that you define post 8.2.8 could be intuitive​ly named as they will be considered dynamic variables.


This has been tested and replicated in lab.