[AirheadsConf LV 2013 Breakout] Wireless LAN - Advanced RF Troubleshooting

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Attached please find our presentation from [AirheadsConf LV 2013 Breakout] Wireless LAN - Advanced RF Troubleshooting.


 This is the presentation we gave at Airheads Conference Las Vegas, March 2013. We welcome your feedback and discussion based on this presentation.





Learn how Aruba's ACE engineers tackle and dissect issues with wireless networking. There will be discussion and examples of different software tools that are used to find out the details of both simple and complex problems. The session will be interactive and will try to help the attendees put this information into real-life scenarios so that they may take this and transfer it to their companies and schools.


Presenters: Kelly Griffin and Peter Lane

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RF Troubleshooting_Advanced_Kelly Griffin_Peter Lane.pdf
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