What are the reasons why a WDS link fails to form?

By vikrams@aruba posted Jul 04, 2014 04:49 PM


Product and Software: This article applies to ArubaOS 4.1.3 and later.

If you are having trouble establishing the WDS link, here are some of the reasons why the link may not be established.

Issue the following command:

MSR2000# show rf-management neighbors

Total have 1 neighbor(s)

Radio 0 candidates:

Neighbor 0: Hostname: MSR2000, Router ID:,

Radio index: 1, MAC: 00:17:7b:2a:6c:bf,

Mesh ID: DefaultMesh, Auth type: Open, Link capability: 0,

Portal 1: 00:17:7b:2a:6c:bd, Hop count: 0,

Physical mode: 1, Physical channel: 149, Super mode: No,

State: Not candidate, Fail reason: xxxxxxxxx*

RSSI: 58, SNR: 58, Update time: 0:17:35


The fail reason can be any one of the following and can be used to determine why the WDS link does not get established:

  • The mesh ID is different. Use the same mesh-id value in both routers.
  • RSSI value is too small. Enhance the RSSI value or change the rssi-limit configuration.
  • Channel was not allowed. Change the routers to same wireless mode and channel.
  • Authentication type is different. Both routers should use the same authentication type.