AP Boot Commands - Aug 2013

By Srynearson posted Mar 04, 2014 04:16 PM


Tutorial by: 

Hello Everyone  today i have decided to do a tutorial regarding this which can be helpful sometimes:


First you need to get in the ap boot, and you do it by connecting it through console when you boot up the ap you start pressing any key for example enter and you press it untill you see apboot>


Here is the list of Commands are their meaning:


setenv ipaddr

This Comand will set the static ip address to AP


setenv netmask

This command will set the subnet mask to the AP


setenv gatewayip

This command will set the ip default gateway to the AP


setenv serverip

This command will set from which controller he will download the new image


setenv master

This command will tell the ip which is the master controller



setenv group raphome

This command will tell the ip which group he belongs



setenv name Carlos_AP

This command will tell the IP his name




This command will save the configuration




This command will help you to know if you are reciving DHCP addresses



This command will delete all the variables you configured on the apboot



This command will delete the Firmware you downloaded from the controller and will put the ap OS that came from the fabric i mean from aruba when you first turned it on



This command will totally factory default the AP


I hope this commands helps you all:)






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