Upgrade AirWave from v7.6.3 to v7.6.4

By alc posted Jun 24, 2013 02:52 PM



Are there any guides/manuals to describe upgrading from AirWave v7.6.3 to v7.6.4? 


Two options for upgrading based on network connectivity:


If your AMP can reach the internet, then you can use the automated method:

# start_amp_upgrade -v 7.6.4

This will then prompt you for your support account username and password.


If your AMP can't reach the internet directly, you can use the manual method:

1. Login to support.arubanetworks.com

2. Download AirWave upgrade package from Download -> AirWave -> AMP -> current version -> 7.6.4

3. Upload into /root (WinSCP is a common tool used for transferring from Windows to AMP)

4. Initialize the upgrade

     # start_amp_upgrade -v 7.6.4



Additional tips from community members:


1. Key point, before initializing the upgrade, change directories to /root so you're not in the directory getting upgraded.

Also, if you're upgrading over ssh, run screen first so a disconnected session won't break everything.



2. We had an upgrade issue one time, and we were advised to clear the RRD cache prior to the upgrade.


I don't know that it is neccesary everytime, but I usually clear the RRD cache prior to the upgrade. It's become like rubbing the rabbit's foot.


Clearing the RRD cache


# rm -rf /var/airwave/cache/rrdcached/rrd.journal*


# rm -rf /var/lib/airwave/cache/fastmmap/awrrdtool_write_cache


# service rrdcached restart