ClearPass Policy Manager 6.5 User Guide

By j.easley posted Dec 18, 2015 09:53 AM


Welcome to the ClearPass Policy Manager User Guide.
The ClearPass Policy Manager User Guide provides a general overview of ClearPass Policy Manager features, as well as detailed descriptions of the configuration settings used to manage and monitor your Policy Manager deployment.

Intended Audience
The intended audience for the ClearPass Policy Manager User Guideincludes customers, partners, and Aruba
field SEs. 

Please note that this document is not a training guide, and it is assumed that the reader has at minimum
foundational training in ClearPass Essentials and, if possible, Aruba Certified Professional (ACCP) certification.

The user of this guide should have a working knowledge of the following:

  • AAA technologies (Radius, TACACS, 802.1X, MAC authentication, and Web authentication)
  • Layer-2 and Layer-3 networking
  • User Identity stores, such as Active Directory
  • Providing information about network device configurations and capabilities is outside the scope of this guide. For information on these topics, refer to the documentation provided by the vendor of your network equipment.
  • Getting Started
  • If you are new to ClearPass Policy Manager, refer to the following sections:
  • For a general description of ClearPass Policy Manager features, refer to the following topics in this section,
  • ClearPass Access Management System Overview and Key Features.
  • For a description of how to use the Dashboard, see Using the Policy Manager Dashboard on page 21.
  • About ClearPass Policy Manager ClearPass Policy Manager 6.5 | User Guide
  • For a list of common configuration tasks and pointers to information about how to perform each task, refer
  • to Accessing Configuration Information on page 1.
  • If you are planning a new ClearPass Policy Manager deployment, refer to the ClearPass Deployment Guide.
  • The ClearPass Deployment Guide is organized in a way that presents the recommended sequence in which
  • ClearPass deployment should take place, and makes the major deployment tasks easy to understand and implement.


ClearPass Policy Manager 6.5 User Guide.pdf