IDS and Authentication Traps in AirWave 7.1 and newer

By Shyam_Moolayilkalarikkal posted Jun 26, 2014 09:11 PM


This article describes SNMP traps that are supported in AirWave 7.1 and newer (there's a separate article with the list of traps supported in 7.0 and older)

IDS Traps Integrated into AMP
AP Flood Attack
AP Impersonation
Channel Frame Error Rate Exceeded
Channel Frame Fragmentation Rate Exceeded
Channel Frame Retry Rate Exceeded
Channel Rate Anomaly
Disconnect Station Attack (AP)
Disconnect Station Attack (Station)
EAP Rate Anomaly
Frame Band Width Rate Exceeded
Frame Fragmentation Rate Exceeded
Frame Low Speed Rate Exceeded
Frame Non-Unicast Rate Exceeded
Frame Receive Error Rate Exceeded
Frame Retry Rate Exceeded
Invalid MAC OUI (AP)
Invalid MAC OUI (Station)
Node Rate Anomaly (AP)
Node Rate Anomaly (Station)
Repeat WEP-IV Violation (AP)
Repeat WEP-IV Violation (Station)
Reserved Channel Violation
Sequence Number Anomaly (AP)
Sequence Number Anomaly (Station)
Signal Anomaly
Station Associated to Rogue AP
Station Impersonation
Station Unassociated from Rogue AP
Valid SSID Violation
Valid Station Policy Violation
Weak WEP-IV Violation
Weak WEP-IV Violation (Station)
Signature - AP AirJack
Signature - Station AirJack
Signature - AP Asleap
Signature - Station Asleap
Signature - Deauth Broadcast
Signature - AP Netstumbler
Signature - Null Probe Response
Signature - Impersonate AP
Signature - Impersonate Station

Authentication Traps Integrated into AMP
User Authentication Failed
Authentication Server Request Timed Out