Periodic CPU Spikes up Experienced Every 5 to 10 minutes

By esupport posted Jan 28, 2019 01:56 PM


Why do you see periodically the IPSec task causing a spike in CPU Utilization? This is happening even though the IPSec task is not configured in the switch.

# task-monitor cpu
# show cpu

% CPU | Description
0.2  | Idle
0.2  | Sessions & I/O
28.5| IPsec
0.2  | Auth & Security



Advisory Document ID: c05173338

Starting in KB/WB.15.18.0006, a new NIAP ( Non-HPE site ) approved feature called Entropy was introduced to help users create strong cryptographic keys that are harder to predict. This feature automatically runs at 10 minute intervals. It operates at low priority to ensure that CPU cycles are only consumed when the CPU is available to avoid performance impacts. Entropy can consume up to 100% of these free cycles.

Starting in KB/WB.16.01.0007 and KB/WB.15.18.0011 to ensure the Entropy feature runs without causing periodic spikes of 100% CPU utilization. You will presently see a spike closer to 30%. Customers impacted by the behavior described in this document are recommended to update to these or later versions.

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