How to terminate WMS services at BOC (Branch office controller)?

By esupport posted Mar 27, 2017 10:53 AM


- When WMS is terminated on the Master all the APs across the network communicates with WMS on the Master. 

- Bandwidth is limited on WAN link between the BOC and Master controller. 

- If WMS is on the Master, the WMS updates from Branch to Master controller utilizes more bandwidth. 

- To optimize WAN link bandwidth utilization, WMS service can be terminated at BOC 


•In 6.x, WMS service is terminated at Master only and every AP across the network communicates with WMS on the master. 

•In, WMS service can be terminated at BOC instead of MM.

•This feature is designed mainly to optimize bandwidth usage between BOC and WMS, while still providing the WMS functionality that is needed.

•When wms is terminated at BOC, Security page can be viewed in BOC Dashboard. All other wms operations like export, import, etc are also available at BOC.


Enable wms termination at BOC

Parameter ‘override-service-termination’ has to be enabled in ids wms-local-system-profile on device node: 


(Rajaguru-MM) [mynode] (config) #show configuration node-hierarchy 

Default-node is "/md". Autopark is enabled.

Configuration node hierarchy
Config Node                               Type
-----------                               ----
/                                         System
/md                                       System
/md/Boson-Branch-Group                    Group
/md/Boson-Branch-Group/00:0b:86:bc:03:27  Device
/md/Photon-MD-Group                       Group
/md/Photon-MD-Group/00:0b:86:bc:46:47     Device
/md/VPN-Con-Group                         Group
/md/VPN-Con-Group/00:0b:86:bc:04:87       Device
/mm                                       System
/mm/mynode                                System

(Rajaguru-MM) [mynode] (config) #cd /md/Boson-Branch-Group/00:0b:86:bc:03:27
(Rajaguru-MM) [00:0b:86:bc:03:27] (config) #ids wms-local-system-profile 
(Rajaguru-MM) [00:0b:86:bc:03:27] (IDS WMS Local System Profile) #override-svc-termination 
(Rajaguru-MM) ^[00:0b:86:bc:03:27] (IDS WMS Local System Profile) #end
(Rajaguru-MM) ^[00:0b:86:bc:03:27] #write memory 

Saving Configuration...

Partial configuration for /md/Boson-Branch-Group/00:0b:86:bc:03:27
Contents of : /flash/config/partial/25/p=md=Boson-Branch-Group=00:0b:86:bc:03:27.cfg
[FILE_INFO] /sc 25

ids wms-local-system-profile

Configuration Saved. 



By default, ‘override-service-termination’ parameter is disabled and WMS will be terminated on MM. 



To check whether WMS is terminated at BOC, login to BOC CLI (not the MM CLI) and issue the below show command. 

(BOC-MD) #show ids wms-local-system-profile 

IDS WMS Local System Profile
Parameter                            Value        Set
---------                            -----        ---
Max AP Threshold                     0            
Max STA Threshold                    0            
Max RBTree Entries                   0            
Max System Wired MACs                1000         
Override Service Termination         true         
Periodic AP Snapshot Interval        180 minutes  
Periodic Rogue AP Snapshot Interval  30 minutes   
Periodic STA Snapshot Interval       180 minutes  
System Wired MAC Update Interval     8            


Security dashboard will appear on the BOC WebUI after enable WMS service termination. 

BOC WebUI before enabling WMS service termination 


BOC WebUI after enabling WMS service termination