Configuring OpenDNS Enterprise Flowchart

By OpenDNS posted Nov 15, 2011 07:23 PM


This simple flowchart will guide you through the configuration of OpenDNS. There are two distinct components to setting up OpenDNS on your network. The first is pointing your external DNS traffic to OpenDNS (,, and the second is configuring OpenDNS filtering settings in your OpenDNS dashboard. 


In our first few posts, we will focus on configuring your network’s external DNS to point to OpenDNS. Once you’re successfully sending and receiving queries from OpenDNS, we’ll move on to adding networks to your OpenDNS account and configuring your security and acceptable use policies.


We’ll have more details on each step in upcoming posts, but we wanted to start with a high-level overview!



OpenDNS Configuration Flow.pdf