How to make Airwave lookup for client hostname

By esupport posted Jun 07, 2019 06:01 PM


Airwave shows list of clients but the hostname of the client is not updated. This article would help Airwave to update the client hostname.


We can configure Airwave to do lookup for client hostname from the configured dns server to populate the devices and wireless clients hostname.


Navigate to Ampsetup >> General and enable the option "Look up device and wireless user hostname" and also "DNS Hostname Lifetime"



DNS Hostname Lifetime defines the length of time, in hours, for which a DNS server hostname remains valid on AMP, after which AMP refreshes DNS lookup:

  * 1 hour
  * 2 hours
  * 4 hours
  * 12 hours
  * 24 hours


We can verify from the client list page that Airwave will start populating the client hostname that it obtained from DNS using hostname lookup.

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May 12, 2020 04:58 AM

We have dot1x-authentication on one SSID where the devices are also in the DNS.

For the other SSID we have (external) Captive Portal, the devices are not and will not be in DNS. 


If I turn off this feature, we should still be able to see the username the client has used to authenticate, right? As the dot1x-authentication is based on hardware certificates where the hostname is included, the DNS query would return the same value. 


Am I correct?