5.1 beta3 release notes:-

By Sumesh Murali posted Jun 24, 2014 03:10 PM


New Features/Enhancements:

- New Device Support.
- Monitoring of Meru devices.
- Monitoring of Trapeze devices.
- Symbol WS2000 configuration using templates.
- Symbol WS5100 configuration using templates.
- HP Procurve 530 configuration using templates .

- Visual RF Enhancements.
- QuickView now uses flash.
- Sites renamed to Floor plans.
- Floor plans list page improved .

- Poll Now.

- Radio down alert.
- AMP monitors channel, radio status and transmit power.
- A new trigger to notify users when a radio is down.

- Report Enhancements.
- New Reports: Network Usage Reports and Device summary reports can be run from Master Console
- Report Definitions can be created to run "now" or at a later scheduled time.
- Reports are run in the background

- External Syslog Server
- Audit and system events messages can be sent to an external syslog server.

- Airespace Enhancements
- Support for Airespace firmware 4.0.x and 4.1.x

- Proxim Enhancements
- Support for closed network per ssid
- Support for multiple encryption methods per ssid

- Numerous VisualRF Improvements
- Floor Plan sorting
- Floor Plan editing interface
- More timely VisualRF data polling

- Nightly Reports
- Auto-generated reports now run at 12:15 a.m., instead of p.m.
- Nightly reports now correctly process "snapshot" data.

Resolved defects

- IOS fixes
- telnet timeout errors during a config push
- ssh timeout does not update the credentials on the AMP

- Proxim fixes
- AMP can configure "Require WEP" without any problems

- Transitions from node->gateway on Tropos devices do not result in errors

- NTP servers and Radius Accounting servers can be
configured on the HP420s

- Client historical data will no longer be pruned before its time.

- Javascript improvements allow more combinations of device settings.

- CKIP security automatically enables Aironet IE extensions

- Can disable Aggressive Load Balancing on Airespace devices. Please see the attached release notes for more information on these new features, enhancements, and issue.

- Device -> Discovery page with a large number of scan networks/sets now loads more quickly

- VisualRF no longer hangs after an upgrade or nightly maintenance

- VisualRF log file is now properly rotated

- LWAPP APs should no longer become mismatched after an upgrade