Getting the most up-to-date information from your controllers in AirWave

By jluther posted Dec 05, 2011 03:11 PM


Most of the data gathered from controllers by AirWave is either polled (via SNMP) or delivered periodically (via AMON), but some events arrive asynchronously through SNMP traps. If you only configure your controller to send two types of traps to AirWave, pay attention to the ones that indicate when an AP goes up or down and when a client roams. 


wlsxNAPMasterStatusChange is a new trap in AOS 6.1 that's sent by a master controller when an AP goes up or down or when it moves from one local controller to another. Older versions of AOS send the wlsxNAccessPointIsUp and wlsxNAccessPointIsDown traps. 


wlsxUserEntryAttributesChanged is sent when clients join the network or roam to a new AP (among other events). 


Having up to date information about the state of your clients and APs is reason enough to enable these traps, but they also allow you to potentially poll for other data less frequently which can lighten the load on your AirWave server. Without the traps, AirWave relies on polling to get the same information.