How do I link my Activate account and Aruba Central Cloud EVAL account?

By esupport posted Mar 24, 2017 11:22 PM


How do I link my Activate account and  Aruba Central Cloud EVAL account?


Yes. Now you can link Aruba Activate and Aruba Central account. This way, Aruba Central can fetch up all the devices from your activate account, and lists them under 'Device Management" to allow you assign licenses and manage them on cloud.

There are two ways on how you can configure this.


  1. If you have not created an Aruba Central account, then while registering you can mention the activate user credentials. 


(Visit for creating new Aruba Central account



2.  If you already have an Aruba Central account, then this can done within the account. Below are the steps:


  • Login to Aruba Central account.
  • Navigate to "All Groups" >> "Maintenance" >> "Device Management" and click on "Add Devices"
  • This will bring up a new pop-up and you can select the option that says "Aruba Activate Credentials".  As shown below: