Functionality of mode-button in S-1500

By esupport posted Mar 07, 2016 06:01 PM


What is the functionality of mode-button in S-1500?


S-1500 has a mode button as shown below:



Main functionality of the mode-button is to reset the Mobility Access Switch to factory-default. To reset the Mobility Access Switch, the button has to be pressed for 10 seconds. 

Below will be seen once the button is pressed. 


Once the Mobility Access Switch is factory defaulted you can go ahead with the initial config wizard and do the configuration. 


Now, lets say if someone accidently holds the button for 10 seconds and the config is erased. How can we prevent this from happening?

Functionality of the mode-button can be disabled once the Mobility Access Switch is up and running with custom configuration.  Below are the steps:


Once the option is disabled, pressing the button for 10 seconds will not have any effect. 


Disclaimer: With the button functionality disabled, in case of emergency we will not be able to reset the switch and console would be required if no other means of access to the device works.