Backing up your Mobility Controller

By ckokstar posted Sep 17, 2014 04:52 PM


Backing up your Mobility Controller



Backup all the important files such as flash backup, tar log tech, WMS database and licenses to the external TFTP server.

The following files will be backup,

  • Flash backup
  • WMS database
  • Licenses
  • Tar log tech

The TFTP server is a simple file transfer protocol using UDP port 69. It is a common utility available on Linux and Windows platforms. Some common TFTP servers are:

Linux Platforms:

  • tftpd
  • atftpd

Windows Platforms:

  • 3cDaemon
  • Solarwinds TFTP server

Platform Tested

Aruba Mobility Controller 3400 running AOS build 38111


Configuration Notes

If the controller or the server is protected by the firewall. Make sure that UDP port 69 is allows in your firewall policy. Other common problems are:

  • TFTP server or daemon is not started.
  • In Linux tftp server daemon, files may need to be created or issue with file permission.




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