How To Stop PVID Mismatch Messages

By esupport posted Oct 04, 2018 02:55 PM


This issue occurs when the untagged VLAN ID does not match between switches.  The switch can still communicate even though the VLAN ID doesn’t match because it is untagged, it just generates an informational message to let you know they don’t match.

The event log message may look similar to the following:

I 08/17/18 03:15:15 00828 lldp: PVID mismatch on port 24(VID 0)with peer device
port 48(VID 1)(37508)


There are two ways to resolve this:

  1. Configure both switches so the untagged VLAN ID matches on both devices (similar to how you configure tagged ports).  
  2. Enable the “no lldp config <ports> dot1TlvEnable port-vlan-id” command on the uplink port between the switches.  This stops the switch from sending its untagged VLAN membership ID to the neighboring switch.

           For example, if Switch 1, port 24 connects to Switch 2, port 48, you could configure the following:

           Switch 1:

             no lldp config 24 dot1TlvEnable port-vlan-id

           Switch 2:

             no lldp config 48 dot1TlvEnable port-vlan-id


no lldp config <ports> dot1TlvEnable port-vlan-id


Verify event logs no longer report PVID Mismatch errors on that uplink port.



Dec 14, 2020 10:16 AM

On a HPE 1950 with SW 1950-cmw710-boot-r3208p16.bin I used the command: lldp ignore-pvid-inconsistency
That prevented getting the errors in the Log, for every 30 seconds.

May 01, 2019 09:48 AM

this does not seem to resolve the log entries on the 5412R's, running 16.01.0009. Getting this error on non-uplink ports, but instead on ports that connect to avaya phones or aruba access points, which show PVID 0, where the switch runs varying PVID's, depending on the closet (as the data vlan is unique to each closet)

Oct 18, 2018 05:04 AM

Is there an equivalent for telling Access Points not to send their PVID?  I am getting this everywhere I have an AP connected because the APs always report their untagged vlan as id 0.