Why doesn't PPPoE work even with valid configuration?

By arunhasan1 posted Aug 06, 2014 04:33 PM


Environment : Instant AP deployment which uses PPPoE as Uplink.


PPPoE has been configured correctly but isn't used by Instant Access Point.


Below are possible causes for PPPoE uplink not being used :


  • Instant AP doesn't support PPPoE configuration changes on the fly -  PPPoE configuration is picked up and used on boot up. If configuration is made; a reload is needed for new PPPoE related configuration to take effect.


  • DHCP has higher preference -  PPPoE happens in parallel to DHCP. Therefore; IAP would support either DHCP or PPPoE uplink but not both. DHCP would be given higher priority over PPPoE. Thus in spite of a PPPoE valid configuration, IAP wouldn't use it if it gets an IP address via DHCP.

The resolution for above scenarios are :

Instant AP doesn't support PPPoE configuration changes on the fly - Reload Aruba Instant Access Point after making PPPoE config change.

DHCP has higher preference -  Ensure DHCP is blocked on AP port so it wouldn't obtain IP via DHCP

If issue persist; please collect below command output and contact support ::


show ip interface brief
show pppoe config
show pppoe status
show uplink status
show log system
show log  pppd
show tech-support