Cloud QuickConnect behaviour with Android

By esupport posted Oct 12, 2016 11:56 AM


Is it expected to see the trusted root certificates as part of 802.1x profile installed by Cloud(Stand-alone) Quick Connect in Android?


No. For Androids the root certificate installed by QC will not be visible under Settings --> Security --> Trusted credentials on the device. The root certificate is installed only for use with the WiFi profile and not as a general trusted root certificate.

This functionality is currently supported in CPPM Onboard, but not in stand-alone QuickConnect(as on Sept 2016). From CPPM version 6.6.x, under Onboard --> Configuration --> Network Settings --> Android Authentication --> Certificate Store --> System. Root Certificates should be mapped under Trust --> Android trust. 

With the below configuration, during Onboard process QuickConnect(from playstore) installs the root certificate in general trusted store for use by other applications.