Clearpass Guest log in automatically without clicking the log in button

By Greg_Weaver posted Oct 04, 2019 06:04 PM


OP: @cdelarosa 

I have recently getting a lot of request from our clients that they want that the user does not need to click the log in button when the sponsor authorize the user 


For example when you register, you sit in there waiting that the sponsor authorize you and you see the button on gray.


When the sponsor give you the aproval then the button activate and you can click it.


There is a way to make this automatically so the user does not need to do anything.   As soon as the sponsor aprove with this script, the clearpass will click that log in button for you automatically, this way the user does not need to do anything, he just log in automatically which is easier for the end user.


Now how do i do this??


Its really simple 

Go to the guest selft registration page

seftregister.PNGClick on receipt page and paste this script on the footer HTML

{if $user.enabled}
<script type="text/javascript"><!--{literal}
addLoadEvent(function() {

Like this

footer.PNGClick save change and you done.


What this script does is that when the account is enable he will run a another script that will basically click the log in button for you :)





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