How to configure RAP 3 from an Instant AP to a Remote AP?

By Arunkumar posted Jul 14, 2014 01:51 PM


This article explains the way to convert a RAP-3 from an IAP to a RAP.


An out of box RAP-3 (RAP-3WN and RAP-3WNP) is shipped to the customers as an Instant Access Points (IAP). In case you want to use it as a Remote AP, you need to convert it to a RAP.

NOTE: These access points require Aruba Instant 3.0 or later to operate as an Instant AP or ArubaOS or later to operate as a Remote AP.



Environment : This article applies to RAP-3 and controllers running AOS version or higher.


1.Power up the RAP-3.
2. Connect to Instant SSID.
3. Login to the RAP-3 by navigating to and login to the Instant WebUI. The default username isadmin and the default password is admin..
4. Navigate to the Maintenance tab in the top right.
5. Click on the Convert tab.
6. Select Remote APs managed by a Mobility Controller from the drop down menu.
7. Enter the IP address of the controller. This is provided by your network administrator.
8. Click Convert Now to complete the conversion
9. The RAP-3 will reboot and begin operating in RAP mode.






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