Can we configure airgroup shared location based discovery on IAP against CPPM server ?

By esupport posted Nov 25, 2015 07:06 PM


Can we configure airgroup shared location based discovery on IAP against CPPM server ?


Yes; we could configure airgroup location based discover on IAP as well. This is validated the Shared Location feature of Air Group with CPPM 6.5 with latest versions of 4.1.1.X and 4.1.2.X and above it works with the following modifications while configuring CPPM.

On the IAP ap-name information needs to be configured on the CPPM manually to share the Apple-TV on the specific location (Typical scenario could be such as users to share devices from classrooms or conference room or for a lecture). Device sharing can be done on the basis of user-role or the specific user as well where we have options on the CPPM server.

Please find the following steps on how to make it work from Clear pass:

1. Log in to ClearPass Guest Manager with admin account.
2. On the left pane, go to Configuration, then expand Pages, click on Fields. (On CPPM versions where Pages does not exist, select Fields directly).
3. Click on "airgroup_shared_location", then under it click on Edit.
4. Scroll down to Default Form Display Properties and under it, for "User Interface" option select "Text field" from the drop down box.
5. Scroll down to Advanced Properties. For fields - "Conversion" and "Display Function", select "None" from the drop down for both.
6. Click on Save Changes.
7. The other steps on configuring AP Name for the Shared Location field remain the same (i.e., enter values as "AP-Name=<your AP name>").


Config from Clear Pass server with screen shot

From IAP; we need to make sure airgroup and its corresponding service needs to be enabled.

Configure the auth-server of CPPM details as below from running-config.


In the below config we could notice ap-name is Bldg-Apple-tv which is the same configured and added to Clearpass server.


wlan auth-server CPPM

 ip 10.17.x.x

 port 1812

 acctport 1813

 key 10dd9806376ddd265820e686f27992c0ee636623d8adaaa1


 cppm-rfc3576-port 5999


Bldg-Apple-tv# show airgroup server


AirGroup Servers


MAC                IP             Type  Host Name  Service  VLAN  Wired/Wireless  Role  Group  Name  AP-Name

---                --             ----  ---------  -------  ----  --------------  ----  -----  ----  -------

00:0b:86:6d:81:54  mDNS  ASB        airplay  1     wired                              Bldg-Apple-tv

6c:94:f8:ce:25:84  mDNS  ASB        airplay  1     wired                              Bldg-Apple-tv

Num Servers: 2, Max Servers: 80.


Bldg-Apple-tv# show airgroup cppm entries


ClearPass Guest Device Registration Information


Device             device-owner  shared location-id AP-name  shared location-id AP-FQLN  shared location-id AP-group  shared user-list  shared group-list  shared role-list  CPPM-Req  CPPM-Resp

------             ------------  --------------------------  --------------------------  ---------------------------  ----------------  -----------------  ----------------  --------  ---------

6c:94:f8:ce:25:84  N/A           Bldg-Apple-tv                    N/A                         N/A                                                                                 1         1


Bldg-Apple-tv# show airgroup users


AirGroup Users


MAC                IP            Type  Host Name  VLAN  Role  Group  Name      AP-Name

---                --            ----  ---------  ----  ----  -----  ----      -------

20:c9:d0:5d:e9:38  mDNS             3333  Guest          Sriram-S  Bldg-Apple-tv


Apple-tv# show airgroup status


AirGroup Feature






AirGroup- MDNS Feature






AirGroup- DLNA Feature






AirGroup Multi Swarm






AirGroup Guest Multicast






CPPM Parameters


Parameter                   Value

---------                   -----

CPPM Server                 Apple-tv

CPPM Enforce Registration   Enabled

CPPM Server query interval  10 Hours

CPPM Server dead time       100 Seconds


AirGroup Service Information


Service     Status

-------     ------

airplay     Enabled

airprint    Enabled


Bldg-Apple-tv# show clients

Client List


Name      IP Address    MAC Address        OS  Network  Access Point  Channel  Type  Role  Signal    Speed (mbps)

----      ----------    -----------        --  -------  ------------  -------  ----  ----  ------    ------------

Sriram-S  20:c9:d0:5d:e9:38      guest      Bldg-Apple-tv      36+      AN   Guest   31(good)  90(ok)

Number of Clients   :1

Info timestamp      :212634

From the above procedure we could see how to configure and the requirements to build the airgroup location based discovery on IAP against CPPM server.



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