How to add custom filter in Access Tracker?

By esupport posted May 22, 2019 02:54 PM


In ClearPass Access Tracker, we have below filters available by default. This article will explain, how to create a custom Access Tracker filter.




To configure additional filters in Access Tracker, we need to create a Data Filter from Monitoring > Data Filter option. 




Below are the steps to create a Data Filter.

Example:  To view only Smart Devices in the Access Tracker.

1. Navigate to Monitoring > Data Filter > Add

2. Specify the name on the "Filter" tab.

3. We can select either "Specify Custom SQL" or "Select Attributes" to create filters.

4. In this example, we selected configuration type as "Specify Custom SQL".

5. Add the below SQL query in the "Custom SQL" field.

LEFT OUTER JOIN tips_endpoint_profiles T2 ON T2.mac = T1.host_mac WHERE T2.device_category = 'SmartDevice'



Similarly, we can modify the filter using different device categories. We can find device categories from Configuration > Identity > Endpoints.

Also, we can modify SQL query with device_family or device_name instead of device_category.



Access Tracker Output with the filter as "[All Request]":

There are 8 requests in the Access Tracker with default filter.


Access Tracker output with the custom filter as "Endpoint Device Type":

Using custom filter there are 4  requests where the device type as "Smart Devices".