How to configure MTU in CPPM

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How to configure Maximum transmission unit (MTU) in CPPM.


In some cases, it may be required to change the MTU of CPPM relative to network devices to facilitate various operations(Eg:Domain Join). 


It is not possible to change the MTU within the Web UI. The default MTU of the Mgmt & Data port is 1500. If required, we can use the below command from CLI.

configure mtu <mgmt|data> <mtu-value>  




1. Login to command line interface with username: appadmin with CLI/cluster password. 

2. To know the existing MTU values, execute 'show ip'. Along with the MTU value of each interface, it also shows the interface MAC addresses & DNS settings.

2. Execute:

configure mtu <mgmt|data> <mtu-value>  




1. Execute 'show ip' to see the default MTU values of the interface.

2. As an example, use configure mtu data 1350 to change the default MTU to 1350.

3. Execute show ip to check the new MTU value.


If we want to change the EAP-TLS fragment size and not the actual MTU of the interface for troubleshooting, then navigate to Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration. Click on the server and goto Service Parameters. Select Radius service and under Main head, change the values of EAP-TLS Fragment Size, whose maximum value is equal to default MTU. The default value of EAP TLS fragment size is 1024.

Example screenshot below show EAP TLS fragments size with default values.