Language localization on Meridian

By esupport posted Jul 22, 2015 07:58 AM


How does the language localization works on the Meridian APP, If we are using the APP in UK v/s USA? Can we change the language on the Editor?


The language localization is supported at the device level, not at the Editor level. Changing the default language in the Editor won't change the language used in the Editor or on the device powered by Meridian APP. If a visitor to a location in the UK has the language on their device set to American English, that visitor will see the Meridian app content as American English, as long as it's selected as a supported language in the Editor. If a visitor to a location in the UK has the language of their device set to a language not selected as a supported language (say, Chinese), their device will display the default language chosen in the Editor (British English, for example). So, for example, if a customer adds a Placemark in the Editor and sets the Placemark type as "Restroom (Men's)" that Placemark text will display as British English for all visitor's to the customer's location with British English set as their device language:

Visitor 1 has a device set to British English. Visitor 1 would see the Placemark as "WC (Men's)".

Visitor 2 has a device set to American English. Visitor 2 would see the same Placemark as "Restroom (Men's)".

It's also important that we enter all customized text as British English, if that's the default language, we would like to use.