How to configure IAP with the options which are not present on Aruba Central ?

By esupport posted Mar 24, 2017 08:20 PM


How to configure IAP with the options/knobs which are available locally via IAP UI but are not yet available on Aruba Central ?


1)    Configure the IAP with the required configuration  (including the knob that is not visible on Central UI)
If you do not have new AP, unassign license for the existing IAP  from Central, and delete the AP from monitoring page.
-We need to delete all the IAP's for a swarm, to ensure that central do not know anything about the GUID.
2)    Once the IAP is configured ,assign license to the AP, i.e. Connect the IAP to central.
3)    It will appear as new unprovisioned device (as central do not know about this swarm GUID, and it is not factory default)
4)    Once we select the VC, import the configuration in to a new Group.
5)    The configuration that is not visible on central will not be erased by central. However, it will not allow any changes to be made locally via the IAP post that.
6)    Any new swarm that connects to this group will have all the configuration including the knob that is not visible on Central.