HPE IMC - Device Config Backup Task Is Successful But New Config File Not Saved

By esupport posted Feb 28, 2020 05:50 PM


HPE IMC - Device config backup task is successful but new config file not saved


About HPE IMC Configuration Backup:

  • HPE IMC software allows backup of device running configuration and startup configuration backup
  • It also allows manual backup and auto backup plans which can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly
  • The configuration backup will be saved to the backup path configured. Default configuration backup path is: 
    • C:\Program Files\iMC/server/data/cfgbak
  • If you perform manual backup or have configured auto backup plan, the configuration backup is saved to the above path.
  • However, subsequent backup task is completed successfully but the new config backup is not found under the backup folder.


A new Configuration file will not be saved:

  • This is not an issue on IMC, this is working normally
  • If DEBUG logs are collected for configuration backup, the below information is noticed:

[DEBUG (0)] [THREAD(1296)] [CCfgFileRestoreTask::processDeviceBackupCompleted()] Delete current config file: which is same as last file :

IMC does not save the new file as the configuration is matching with the last backup taken