Wireless Design for Stores, Warehouses & Manufacturing Facilities

By ozerdo posted Jan 02, 2012 01:34 PM


Attached, you can find the presentation on the topic by Chuck Lukaszewski (aka. clukas) at Barcelona 2010 Airheads Conference. Presentation highlights the following necessary design steps after summarizing the RF design challenges in stores, warehouses, manufacturing plants and outdoor areas. 


  • Inventory wireless devices

  • Quantify facility requirements

  • Develop coverage and client density model

  • Identify pilot sites

  • Perform virtual RF plan and site spectrum clearing walkthrough at pilot sites

  • Document plan for deployment of pilot sites

  • Execute pilot deployment

  • Perform passive site survey post deployment to verify coverage

  • Execute client testing at pilot site

  • Fine tune plan for next site 




Airheads Barcelona 2010 - RF Design for Retail Warehousing Manufacturing.pdf
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