Unable to manage endpoint using API Explorer

By esupport posted Jan 03, 2018 06:35 AM


Receiving error while trying to delete endpoint from API explorer




Able to create/read the endpoint but while trying to delete an endpoint from endpoint repository using API explorer, receive a 403 : Forbidden error message as shown below:

Creating endpoint

Updating endpoint

Receiving error while trying to delete endpoint from API explorer



First step is to verify the operator profiler being used to manage endpoints using API explorer by navigating to Administration->API Services->API Clients



Here we see API operator profile is being used to manage endpoints. Navigate to Administration->Operator Logins->Profiles. Click on 'Edit' for the appropriate operator profile. In this case, API Operator



We see that Operator profile: API Operator has full access to manage API clients:



Apart from this, we also need to verify the permission level granted for this operator profile for "Identity-Endpoints" under Policy Manger



We see that that this operator profile does not have access to delete endpoint but only has access to read/write endpoints. On changing the permission level to "Read,Write,Delete', we should be able to delete the endpoint using API explorer through this operator profile


Tested the same by trying to delete the endpoint and was successful