Slow Amber/Orange Global Fault LED blinking in HPE 3810 Switch.

By esupport posted Mar 28, 2020 02:54 AM


On adding a 4 Port HPE Smart Rate POE+ (JL081A) module in 3810 switch, the Global Fault LED started blinking Amber/Orange. This shows that there is some fault in the switch causing this behavior. The module doesnt boot up correctly and all the ports connected to this module doesnt power up or come up.


Checked the logs on the Switch and found the below entries:

I 02/14/18 00:06:15 05046 chassis: Flexible Module JL081A inserted in slot
I 02/14/18 00:06:24 05048 chassis: Flexible Module JL081A in slot Expansion
W 02/14/18 00:06:47 05044 chassis: Flexible Module JL081A in slot Expansion
Module A is inactive. Flexible Module JL081A does not match
configured JL083A.


Please note that the above is the snippet taken from multiple log events.

As seen in the above logs it seems like the new module JL081A doesnt match with JL083A. The logs also confirms that that JL083A is configured on the switch. 


We would see this message when the switch would initially have JL083A module. When we add another module JL081A in the same slot, then the switch cannot over-ride the existing configuration by itself. Below steps needs to be taken into consideration when we use a different module module in 3810 switch:

1. Insert JL081A module in the switch

2. Go into the config mode and execute the command "flexible-module a remove"

3. Then execute the command "flexible-module a type JL081A"

4. Switch may pause for some time to taking this config

5. Finally the module will be recognized, booted and will be operational

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