Dot1x Timer changes

By Shyam_Moolayilkalarikkal posted Jul 10, 2014 06:46 PM

Query List of Dot1x timers which has been changed fafter code version
Environment All Aruba OS code version above


Here is the list of Dot1x timers which has been changed.

Timer idrequest_period - 5 (previously 30)
Server server-retry-period - 5 (previously 30)
Server server-retry - 3 (previously 2)
Max-requests - 3(previously 5).

(Aruba3600) #show aaa  authentication dot1x default
802.1X Authentication Profile "default"
Parameter                                                  Value
---------                                                  -----
Max authentication failures                                0
Enforce Machine Authentication                             Disabled
Machine Authentication: Default Machine Role               guest
Machine Authentication Cache Timeout                       24 hr(s)
Blacklist on Machine Authentication Failure                Disabled
Machine Authentication: Default User Role                  guest
Interval between Identity Requests                         5 sec
Quiet Period after Failed Authentication                   30 sec
Reauthentication Interval                                  86400 sec
Use Server provided Reauthentication Interval              Disabled
Multicast Key Rotation Time Interval                       1800 sec
Unicast Key Rotation Time Interval                         900 sec
Authentication Server Retry Interval                       5 sec
Authentication Server Retry Count                          3
Framed MTU                                                 1100 bytes
Number of times ID-Requests are retried                    5
Maximum Number of Reauthentication Attempts                3
Maximum number of times Held State can be bypassed         0
Dynamic WEP Key Message Retry Count                        1
Dynamic WEP Key Size                                       128 bits
Interval between WPA/WPA2 Key Messages                     1000 msec
Delay between EAP-Success and WPA2 Unicast Key Exchange    0 msec
Delay between WPA/WPA2 Unicast Key and Group Key Exchange  0 msec
Time interval after which the PMKSA will be deleted        8 hr(s)
WPA/WPA2 Key Message Retry Count                           3
Multicast Key Rotation                                     Disabled
Unicast Key Rotation                                       Disabled
Reauthentication                                           Disabled
Opportunistic Key Caching                                  Enabled
Validate PMKID                                             Disabled
Use Session Key                                            Disabled
Use Static Key                                             Disabled
xSec MTU                                                   1300 bytes
Termination                                                Disabled
Termination EAP-Type                                       N/A
Termination Inner EAP-Type                                 N/A
Token Caching                                              Disabled
Token Caching Period                                       24 hr(s)
CA-Certificate                                             N/A
Server-Certificate                                         N/A
TLS Guest Access                                           Disabled
TLS Guest Role                                             guest
Ignore EAPOL-START after authentication                    Disabled
Handle EAPOL-Logoff                                        Disabled
Ignore EAP ID during negotiation.                          Disabled
WPA-Fast-Handover                                          Disabled
Disable rekey and reauthentication for clients on call     Disabled
Check certificate common name against AAA server           Enabled