How to disable HT on a particular SSID in IAP

By esupport posted Sep 26, 2019 06:19 AM


Need to disable HT on a particular SSID in IAP as per the client requirement. 

While HT needs to be enabled globally for other SSIDs. 


Disable HT on the particular SSID.


Login to the webUI of the IAP.

Navigate to Configuration -> Networks -> Edit the particular SSID -> Show advanced Options.

Disable High Throughput


Login to the CLI and execute the command #show ap bss-table. 

The partcicular SSID will not have HT enabled. 


IAP-VC# show ap bss-table 

Aruba AP BSS Table
bss                ess        port  ip           phy    type  ch/EIRP/max-EIRP  cur-cl  ap name            in-t(s)  tot-t           flags
---                ---        ----  --           ---    ----  ----------------  ------  -------            -------  -----           -----
c8:b5:ad:e4:42:30  abd-iap-1  ?/?  a      ap    149/18.0/24.3     0       c8:b5:ad:c6:44:22  0        25d:10h:35m:5s  
c8:b5:ad:e4:42:31  employee   ?/?  a-VHT  ap    149E/18.0/24.3    0       c8:b5:ad:c6:44:22  0        25d:10h:35m:5s         
c8:b5:ad:e4:42:20  abd-iap-1  ?/?  g      ap    1/9.0/16.2        0       c8:b5:ad:c6:44:22  0        25d:10h:35m:5s  
c8:b5:ad:e4:42:21  employee   ?/?  g-HT   ap    1/9.0/16.2        0       c8:b5:ad:c6:44:22  0        25d:10h:35m:5s          

Channel followed by "*" indicates channel selected due to unsupported configured channel.
"Spectrum" followed by "^" indicates Local Spectrum Override in effect.

Num APs:4
Num Associations:0

Flags:       K = 802.11K Enabled; W = 802.11W Enabled; 3 = WPA3 BSS; O = OWE Transition mode OWE BSS; o = OWE Transition mode Open BSS; M = WPA3-SAE mixed mode BSS