Factors To Determine Whether You Plan A Two-Tier Or A Three-Tier Campus LAN Topology

By esupport posted Jun 25, 2020 06:53 PM


What factors determine whether you plan a two-tier or a three-tier campus LAN topology?


The customer’s cabling requirements usually act as the primary determining factor.

In a multi-building campus, or a very large building, the customer might have a limited number of fibers available to connect the access layer to the core.

You can use modular switches (i.e. Aruba CX 6400 series), IRF, or meshed stacking to create a larger density of edge ports to uplinks.

Sometimes, though, you need a distribution layer (i.e. Aruba CX 6300 series) to aggregate the access layer connections.

The number of ports available at the core will also play a role.

Aruba HPE has core switch offerings, such as the Aruba CX 8325 series, that would easily meet the needs of the largest campuses 

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