How to configure AP Fast Failover?

By ckokstar posted Apr 29, 2014 04:15 PM


The following solution is available in Aruba Solution Exchange which contains the intelligent wizard to help configure AP fast failover.




The Aruba AP Fast Failover feature introduced in Aruba OS (AOS) 6.3 minimizes the failover time in the event of a controller failure.  All controllers in the same redundancy domain need to share the same HA-Group profile.  
AP licenses, controller capacity, configuration synchronization between controllers, physical locations and type of networks connection of the controllers, licenses and etc should be considered in designing the HA group membership.
The HA roles supported are active, standby and dual. The solution template will build one HA group for a set of controllers deployed in an active / active model


Configuration Notes

  • The design of master redundancy is independent of AP fast failover. Master redundancy need to be configured to ensure AP will be able to contact the Master controller upon reboot. Another option would be to configure VRRP between master-local pairs to provide master redundancy.
  • When HA roles of the controllers are set to dual, the active controller will be determine by the LMS-IP setting in the AP system profile and the standby controller will be selected from the list of controllers listed in the HA group in the round-robin fashion.
  • Multiple HA Groups can be defined but each controller can only be assigned to a single HA group.
  • Controller IP or switch IP of the controller must be used when defining the controller in the HA group profile.
  • The "ha group-membership" is a local command and need to be executed on each local controller.
  • HA group membership is independent of the controller role. For example, AP Fast Failover could be setup between two master but the administrator need to make sure that the configuration and relevant networks configuration are similar between the two controllers.
  • AP fast failover feature supports APs in campus mode using tunnel or decrypt-tunnel forwarding modes, but does not support campus APs in bridge mode. This feature is not supported on remote APs and mesh APs in any mode.  Legacy AP‑60 series and AP‑70series APs also do not support this feature.

Sample Lab Topology


Platform Tested

Aruba Mobility Controller 3600-US running AOS version



AP license



[1] Aruba OS 6.3 User Guide