Aruba 3810M Clearpass Secure SSH Web and console

By Srynearson posted Apr 11, 2017 02:27 PM


 This is the 3rd tutorial in the Aruba mobile switch infrastructure series,. In this video we show how to configure clearpass in combination with ssh, https and console authentication and accounting.

Clearpass SSH and Secure web access:

- Show IP SSH status - show ip ssh
- Enable SSH Server - ip ssh
- Show radius status - show radius - show radius authentication
- Configure radius server - radius-server host key "ABCNR0cks!"
- Show default authentication settings - show authentication
- Configure ssh authentication via radius - aaa authentication ssh login radius none
- Configure ssh enable authentication via radius - aaa authentication ssh enable radius none
- Configure switch to adapt administrative privilege - aaa authentication ssh enable local none - aaa authentication login privilege-mode
-Show accounting - show accounting
- Configure accounting for ssh, web and console sessions - aaa accounting exec start-stop radius
- Configure accounting for commands - aaa accounting commands stop-only radius
- Create self-signed certificate for ssl based web management - crypto pki enroll-self-signed certificate-name ABCNetwor
king valid-start 02/26/2016 valid-end 02/25/2018 subject
- Show local certificate - show crypto pki local-certificate
- Enable https web management - web-management ssl
- Configure authentication via radius for secure web - aaa authentication web login radius none
- Configure authentication for console - aaa authentication console login radius local