What are the difference of interfering AP, rouge ap, and valid ap?

By Arunkumar Unpublished


Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS versions.


  The Aruba network offers a variety of IDS/IPS features that you can configure and deploy as required. The most important IDS functionality offered in the Aruba system is the ability to classify an AP as either a rogue AP or an interfering AP. 


 Interference AP An AP is considered to be an interfering AP if it is seen in the RF environment but is not connected to the wired network. While the interfering AP can potentially cause RF interference, it is not considered a direct security threat since it is not connected to the wired network.  


Rogue AP An AP is considered to be a rogue AP if it is both unauthorized and plugged into the wired side of the corporate network. 


Valid AP Any AP which terminates on the Aruba controller is considered to be a valid AP.  


You can enable rogue ap detection or protection feature to automatically detect or contain APs that are classified as a rogue APs by the Aruba system. Refer "How does Rogue AP detection work" in KB for details on how to configure rogue AP detection, classification and containment.

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