Configuring Mobility Access Switch (MAS) port mirroring

By ckokstar posted Sep 17, 2014 04:17 PM


Configuring Mobility Access Switch port mirroring



You can use port mirroring to take a copy of the ingress and egress packets on one or more ports. Packets are sent to the destination without modification at Layer 2. Any number of network ports can be configured for monitoring. Port-channel can also be the source for mirroring. If the bandwidth for the source is greater than the destination, packet loss can occur. The Mobility Access Switch does not distinguish whether the source port is a Layer 2 access or a trunk interface.


  • The destination port must be a local interface.
  • The destination interface must not belong to any VLAN.
  • The Mobility Access Switch mirroring session limit is one.


Platform Tested

Aruba Mobility Access Switch S1500-24P-US, Version






[1] Aruba MAS 7.3.0 User Guide

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