How to configure MASTER L3 Redundancy

By esupport posted Jul 28, 2016 01:56 PM

  • Branch-config-group in primary master needs to be manually synced with backup master
  • Default switchover time to secondary master incase primary master goes unreachable is 15 minutes



  • Starting from AOS 6.4.4 BOC can have a backup master situated at a different geographical location
  • Secondary master will allow layer 3 redundancy by being ready to take over incase primary master is not reachable
  • HCM (Health check manager) will monitor secondary master as well
  • Support for manual switchover to backup master is also available





Master redundancy switchover default value


(Aruba7010) #show branch master-l3redundancy switchover-timeout

  switchover-timeout: 15 minutes

Support range 15-60 minutes


When primary master goes unreachable status shows red



(7010-B1) #show branch master-l3redundancy status

L3 Redundancy Status

Role              IP Address  Status

----              ----------  ------

Master    Down

Secondary Master  Up


Health-check and uplink status


(7010-B1) #show ip health-check

IP Health-check Entries

Probe IP     Src Interface  State  Probe-Profile  Avg RTT(in ms)

--------     -------------  -----  -------------  --------------   --             Down   default        0   vlan 200       Down   default        0      >>>> Primary master reachablility status   vlan 4094      Down   default        0   --             Up     default        0       >>>> secondary master reachability status  --             Up     default        0     >>>> default gateway

(7010-B1) #show uplink

Uplink Manager: Enabled

Uplink Health-check: Enabled

Uplink Management Table

Id  Uplink Type  Properties  Priority  State      Status      Reachability

--  -----------  ----------  --------  -----      ------      ------------

1   Wired        vlan 200    150       Standby    Ready       Unreachable

2   Wired        vlan 4094   200       Connected  * Active *  Unreachable






 #master-l3redundancy switchover

I.This is an action command to trigger forced switchover from primary to secondary master

II.Manual switchover subverts HCM and does not make any check regarding secondary master status I.e. master will switched over to backup master even if backup master is not UP


Config command:


   (branch-group-<id>)# master-l3redundancy switchover-timeout <timeout>


Show commands:

   #show branch master-l3redundancy switchover-timeout

   #show branch master-l3redundancy status


For debugging any issues associated with this feature – the following logging levels  should be set and logs examined

•system    debugging  N/A           crypto

•system    debugging  N/A           cfgm

•system    debugging  N/A           bocmgr

•system    debugging  N/A           fpapps

•system    debugging  N/A           dhcpd

•system    debugging  N/A           hcm







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Glad to see this solution is now available.

Just wondering if L3 master redundancy between data centersd is supported by Aruba?


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