[AirheadsConf LV 2013 Breakout] Networks- Next-Generation Remote Networks

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Attached please find our presentation from [AirheadsConf LV 2013 Breakout] Networks- Next-Generation Remote Networks.


 This is the presentation we gave at Airheads Conference Las Vegas, March 2013. We welcome your feedback and discussion based on this presentation.





Remote Networking requirements have evolved with phenomena like cloud-based applications and ultra-mobile devices. The demands now range from simple teleworker access to complex remote site traffic engineering, application handling and multi-layer security with full site survivability. Aruba has risen to these challenges through innovations in the Aruba Instant product line among others. This session aims to discuss challenges and recommendations for deployment of large-scale distributed enterprise networks.


Presenter: Gokul Rajagopalan

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Next Generation Remote Networks_Aruba Instant_Gokul Rajagopalan.pdf