Customization for internal Captive Portal

By esupport posted Apr 02, 2017 01:53 AM


Administrators to be able to customize some of the basic functions for internal captive portal.


Aruba OS 8.X allows WLAN users to customize captive portal page when choosing internal Captive portal which are confined only to UI. There are no CLI commands available as of today to customize the following options,


  • Logo
  • Welcome Test
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Button Color
  • Background Color





Administrator should create a Guest WLAN and choose internal captive portal to be able to customize the captive portal page. Captive portal can be configured for guest users in following ways and any type of internal captive portal allows administrator to customize these options.




Below is how the default internal captive portal page looks like.




To customize the internal captive portal page, navigate to > MM > Configuration > WLAN > Select VAP > Security


  • Clicking on the internal page, pop-up provides options to change the Welcome text, logo, terms & conditions and button color.







Once the changes are done, please ensure to save changes and click preview to view the customized page. Below is how the customized page will look like.


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Apr 14, 2017 06:01 AM

How could i build a individual Captive Portal Page?

There is a uploadoption "Custom HTML", but no template for the Portalpage.

I couldn`t find a description for building a custom portal page in the usermanual for AOS 8.

Where could i upload individual Pictures for the Page ?

It is only possible to upload one file, so i can`t upload any css files etc..