Unable to push the configuration to the HPE switch from Airwave

By esupport posted Jun 07, 2019 10:31 PM


Unable to push the configuration to Switch from Airwave, The device configuration, does change to Inprogress and endsup with the mismatched status, as it is unable to push the configuration, as shown below:



When we look at the telnet/ssh command logs, in the switch's audit page log on Airwave (from the above screenshot).

We could see that Airwave is able to login to switch and run # show running config command and it does get the reply.

In the config audit log, we could see, the audit is successful:

1510620502.944123 12343 update_db|ap_id=8 changing management_state from In Progress to Unknown

1510620502.944205 12343 update_db|ap_id=8 changing management_status_message from Applying configuration to Settings not yet read from device

1510620516.767781 24625 config_verifier|getting jobs...

1510620516.769752 24625 config_verifier|jobs: 1510620516_8

1510620516.769892 24625 config_verifier|24625 - scheduling job 1510620516_8 with label 8 and running after []

1510620516.802540 20536 config_verifier|20536 - working on ap 8

1510620516.875579 20536 fetch_and_save_device_config|ap_id=8 start

1510620519.226015 20536 fetch_and_save_device_config|ap_id=8 end

1510620519.245217 20536 update_db|ap_id=8 changing management_state from Unknown to In Progress

1510620519.245266 20536 update_db|ap_id=8 changing management_status_message from Settings not yet read from device to Applying configuration

1510620519.247382 20536 verify_config|ap_id=8 start

1510620519.297315 20536 verify_config|ap_id=8 end

1510620519.297629 20536 config_verifier|20536 - finished with ap 8

1510620531.768543 24625 config_verifier|getting jobs...

1510620531.770643 24625 config_verifier|no jobs found.

1510620546.768175 24625 config_verifier|getting jobs...

1510620546.770387 24625 config_verifier|no jobs found.

1510620561.768300 24625 config_verifier|getting jobs...

1510620561.770406 24625 config_verifier|no jobs found.


However, when we navigate to the Group's basic page of this switch on Airwave, we could see the following:


If we see the above configuration, we will only push the full template configuration and reboot the switch, only when the switch is in factory default state. If the switch is not in factory default state, we will not push the configuration.








We will need to change the option to Yes, which will enable Airwave to push the configuration and also execute reboot command on the switch, as Airwave will use full config mode.

If we do not wish to reboot the switch, However, push the partial configuration, we could select No and use Partial config push option from the Group --> Template page for the device.


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