Bug ID- 125889 Pre-Shared Key (PSK) clients failed to associate to an AP...

By j.easley posted Dec 09, 2015 12:40 PM



Bug ID- 125889


Symptom- Pre-Shared Key (PSK) clients failed to associate to an AP. The log files for the event listed the reason as Capability requested by STA unsupported by AP. Sending a VLAN discovery message when there is a change in the Virtual AP (VAP) profile configuration resolved this issue.


Scenario- ;This issue was seen when the administrator changed the VAP profile configuration in the controller. In addition, this issue was seen when the VAP profile did not have a VLAN assigned. This issue was observed in controllers running ArubaOS 6.4.2.x or ArubaOS 6.4.3.x.


Platform- All platforms


Reported Version-


Resolved Version-


Component- AP-Wireless



Tags- Platform- All platforms, Reported Version-, Resolved Version-, Component- AP-Wireless